Creating clean bathroom spaces, these three places are very important


The cleaning of the bathroom is only second to the kitchen. If it is cleaned frequently, it may not be so laborious to clean. If it is busy, it takes ten days and a half to clean it. Not only is the dirt difficult to remove, but it also affects the body of the family. health.
Therefore, the cleaning work of the bathroom can not be ignored! Moreover, these three places are the focus of the bathroom cleaning, pay special attention to it, then let's take a look:
First place, faucet
You may find that before the faucet is bought, it shines brightly and shines with dazzling luster. After a period of use, the chrome on the outer layer of the faucet is not only shiny, but also stained a lot, even with detergent. Wipe can not be removed. At this time, the toothpaste can be squeezed on the surface of the faucet and gently wiped with a soft toothbrush, then rinsed with water, and then wipe the surface of the faucet with orange peel, because the acid contained in it can maintain stainless steel. The surface, and finally wiped and polished with a soft towel, the faucet will become bright as new.
Second place, glass
There are still a lot of glass in the bathroom, because the long-term water immersion makes it easy to make the glass or the mirror surface particularly blurred, which not only affects the use effect, but also is not beautiful. Nowadays, special glass cleaners on the market only need to be sprayed on the mirror or glass. Wait a few minutes and gently wipe them from top to bottom with a dry rag. The mirror and glass can be kept very clean. There are also special anti-fog products. After cleaning, some of them will be sprayed on top, and the mirror will be foggy again. It is more comfortable to use.
Third place, tile
Because the bathroom is mostly made of tiles, after a long time, some mold spots or dirt will inevitably occur between the gaps of the tiles. At this time, you can use a soft toothbrush to take some special tile decontamination paste to wipe the gap impurities. Finally, use a brush to apply a layer of water repellent on the gap. It can't prevent the water from seeping in, and it can prevent the mold from growing again.
To create a clean bathroom space, these three places are very important! And the tips for cleaning are taught to everyone, you can get it~

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